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So, you’ve searched for just the right guestbook to put your Polaroid photos in as a keepsake of your wedding day, birthday or party, but you haven’t found your right kind of sign to really put it out there to draw your guests focus and now– you’ve stumbled across our little Etsy shop’ s blog: Designed by ArtSquaredWonder.com!  How exciting!  We definitely have what you’re looking for:

Polaroid GB Sign ASW

Colors are customized to fit your celebration’s theme along with your initials to go inside the camera lens. It’s quick and easy! A digital file will be sent directly to you. DIY couldn’t be easier!

And because this post is screaming “Shake it!“, there’s nothing more fitting than…well, need I say more?

OutKast – Hey Ya!:

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♥ Misti D.