Actor One Sheet


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So, you took Dallas Travers’ course and she mentioned how important it is to have a One-Sheet to market yourself, but you don’t know where to start!  I can create your One-Sheet for you.  If you need help with wording, I can do that for you.  It’s quick and easy.  Here are a couple of examples of my work I did for my fellow actors.  More to come.  Email me at artsquaredwonder(at) for rates.  You have all to gain and nothing to lose!  I love referrals!  Please don’t keep me a secret!

MustafaWEB  Carla2outlines

Circle Wedding Invitation


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Welcome back! 🙂 How wonderful is it to have a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation that is elegant and fun at the same time!  The Planning Diva at Events by Cat asked me to come up with a travel invitation for her client’s “Up” wedding theme.  Cat was looking for something different and we created just that: A velum cover of a world map enhanced with a solid purple background when folded– with the couple’s initial, “W” for proper presentation.  When opened up it reveals the day’s important details.


The design above is seen unfolded and open to the receiver.  I’ve posted a closer look of the front cover below to show what the guests would see before the full invitation unveiling:

I love working on fresh material for all occasions!  Have an idea in mind?  I can make that wish come true!  Email me at artsquaredwonder (at) or visit our Etsy page.  We’ll be glad to hear from you :).


Misti D.

Art Deco Wedding Invite


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Life is a journey!  Yes, it is.  Whether it’s planning a wedding, birthday or any landmark event, it is all about the journey.  I recently did some work for Cat Feliciano, The Planning Diva from Events by Cat.  She was looking for a one-of-a-kind invitation in the Art Deco world with vintage poster appeal and I got to work right away!  An exciting combination of ideas with a world traveler theme came into play and this is what I came up with:


Designed by

Polaroid Guestbook Sign for Your Wedding, Party or Engagement!


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So, you’ve searched for just the right guestbook to put your Polaroid photos in as a keepsake of your wedding day, birthday or party, but you haven’t found your right kind of sign to really put it out there to draw your guests focus and now– you’ve stumbled across our little Etsy shop’ s blog: Designed by!  How exciting!  We definitely have what you’re looking for:

Polaroid GB Sign ASW

Colors are customized to fit your celebration’s theme along with your initials to go inside the camera lens. It’s quick and easy! A digital file will be sent directly to you. DIY couldn’t be easier!

And because this post is screaming “Shake it!“, there’s nothing more fitting than…well, need I say more?

OutKast – Hey Ya!:

Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Misti D.

Headshots & Styling with Nalya


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Have you ever found yourself wanting to take headshots, but don’t know what to wear?  Sometimes we need a little direction when we are unsure.  I know there are times I do.  All you have to do is ask!  ArtSquaredWonder Design & Photography Studio is here for just that.  This past Friday I had a headshot session with the most beautiful Nalya, but this was a different shoot altogether.

She requested styling alongside the shoot to get a little guidance on what she should wear for these basic headshots.  And with that– we went shopping!  I spent time with her to discuss what she was looking to accomplish with these new headshots.  We brought together a good color palette that would compliment her and here is one final product of the session:

NaliaIf you are looking for styling with your headshots, please reach out to me for rates.  I will gladly assist to help you look your best.  Cheers!

 ♥ Misti D.

Simple Cobalt Blue and Teal Save-the-Dates!


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I truly enjoy designing for others.  A friend of mine is getting married in a little less than a year and as a creative outlet and with UNlaborious fervor I was on a mission to drum up a couple of save-the-date 4×6 postcards for her which of course was super fun for me!  We call it our “Something Blue”.

She gave me a little detail in what she was looking for:  Nautical, teal/turquoise and cobalt blue, something simple and direct.  She wasn’t sure what photo she was going  to use, as she is in the midst of looking for that RIGHT photographer for her most amazing, special day, so I used a snapshot that someone took of the two of them during their first few months of dating.  Totally appropriate.  It shows all that fire, that passion, the intensity of true love.

I came up with these different nautical Save-the-Dates for the newly engaged and posted them for grabs on our little Etsy shop*:

etsyvaltomforblogpicvaltomGradient-Colbalt-Save-the-date-white-solid-diff-script-copyvaltomanchorforblog*I varied the names on the Save-the-Dates out of respect for privacy.

Definitely a great way to get those creative juices flowing.  Thanks to these lovebirds for giving me the opportunity to work on a fun project!

 ♥ Misti D.

Mr. & Mrs Wooden Hanging Table Signs


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Finally, the day has come, you have just been married and now you are officially THE Mr. & Mrs!  How dreamy!  How lovely!  How wonderful!  

CONGRATULATIONS on your blessed nuptials!


The Official Mr & Mrs!

I looked high and low for something gold, mint and glittery to accent our “official-ness” for our table and could not find what I was dreaming of.  So… I took matters into my own hand and created these simple gold glitter Mr. & Mrs. wooden signs which I painted white and laced with mint ribbons to tie it all in.  You can find these for sale on Etsy at your leisure and I can tailor the ribbon to your needs:

A little sparkle to capture the light


…because the Mrs. is always right 😉

It truly is your day and it’s the simple pieces, the small touches that bring it all together.  Thanks for stopping by our little blog!

 Misti D.



Favor Tags! Gift Tags! Party Tags Galore!


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Looking for that particular something to make your favor your own? Drop in to our little Etsy shop with a quick click and let me customize your one-of-a-kind gift tags!

It’s the finishing touches of a fantastic time spent together that people carry home after your celebration. Be it your wedding, a party, First Communion, baby or bridal shower –as the host we all want our guests to take home a piece of the day’s affair as a token of our appreciation and a reminder of our special day.

For our wedding, My (now) husband and I knew right away wine would be our gift of choice to send home with our friends and families. I was trying to find the best way possible to tag our wedding celebration and was given numerous suggestions on how to decorate our favors. I sought out suggestions and received mostly the same ideas: a label on top of the existing wine with our names and date, but staggering with the apprehension of foregoing the integrity of the wine’s branding since many times people are hesitant to open an “unidentifiable” wine for consumption.

So…what’s a Bride to do?

Fun, vibrant photo favor gift tags!  That’s what!


These favor tags are great and so versatile –they can be tailored for EVERY type of event.  Just email us at artsquaredwonder [@] or visit our little Etsy shop here to request your personalized favor tags from Designed by ArtSquaredWonder’s Etsy Shop

I scoured the internet, magazines and picked peoples brains like crazy to find what would fit our theme so perfectly.  It was a no brainer to figure out that I wanted to put a photo on the tag:  “Thank You for sharing in our Special Day!” on the white 2″ x 3.5 tags, but ultimately it wasn’t going to cut it.  I wanted something to pop!  I wanted the “WOW” factor when our guests sat down to see their favor at the reception.  And then it dawned on me– a picture with our names and date on the other side to fill the gap of the staunch white blank favor tag.  And VOILA! The final presentation:


This really added that extra personalization to the table.  A definite added bonus! I hope this helps when you are looking for that little something to add to your favors.  I’ll be glad to afford you the ease and simplicity when you are putting together your DIY wedding!

♥ Misti D.


SAY CHEESE! The Original Photo Booth


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Everybody loves a photo booth no matter what event they are attending!

I was inspired by a prototype at a photographer’s studio and wanted something in the vein of a “booth” since the photos would be shot soley by a human and not your traditional get-in-the-box-and-say-cheese contraption.  I needed something that was solid for a photo –and one that indicated the one-of-a-kind factor.  So… when I began turning the creative wheel for a fun and eye-catching idea I came up with this:

The Orignal Wedding Bunting Garland Handmade Photo Prop PhotoBooth Backdrop Decoration

The Orignal Wedding Bunting Garland Handmade Photo Prop PhotoBooth Backdrop Decoration by Designed By©

A large 5’x4′ shimmering gold picture frame so I could carry my wedding memories in a fun fashion forever.

Next: The Finished Touch → Personalized Bunting!

I didn’t exactly want flags or just straight blocks for bunting so I added a little flare to the design and coordinated my wedding colors, mint and gold, to make our names and the date pop.  

The Cutting Board

The Cutting Board

You can get this customized for your Wedding, Party or Special Occasion too on my little Etsy shop: Designed by  Take a closer look:

Personalized Bunting!

Personalized Bunting!

It was a hit with all our guests and it will be the talk of yours!

 Misti D.