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Have you ever found yourself wanting to take headshots, but don’t know what to wear?  Sometimes we need a little direction when we are unsure.  I know there are times I do.  All you have to do is ask!  ArtSquaredWonder Design & Photography Studio is here for just that.  This past Friday I had a headshot session with the most beautiful Nalya, but this was a different shoot altogether.

She requested styling alongside the shoot to get a little guidance on what she should wear for these basic headshots.  And with that– we went shopping!  I spent time with her to discuss what she was looking to accomplish with these new headshots.  We brought together a good color palette that would compliment her and here is one final product of the session:

NaliaIf you are looking for styling with your headshots, please reach out to me for rates.  I will gladly assist to help you look your best.  Cheers!

 ♥ Misti D.